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    How Fast Do You Type?

    I got about seventy words per minute. I doubt that's accurate, for the simple fact that the word typing checker i used didn't work correctly all the time, but it's close enough for me. That's about a word and a sixth every second, so I'm more than happy with it.
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    Which One is Best

    I've never actually heard of Clickbank. Because Amazon is a much more well-known name, I can see why Clickbank would look very suspicious, though. I think that Amazon would probably be better for the general public, just because it's a more widely recognized page.
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    Payment options?

    What kind of payment options do you guys use? I usually asked to be paid through PayPal.
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    how much do you charge per hour vs experience?

    I generally charge fixed prices. I'm an editor more than anything, but I still rarely charge by the hour. Usually the difficulty corresponds to the amount I charge, so I suppose, in a roundabout way, I charge by the hour, but I don't have a set price.
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    Google Plus

    I've had a lot of people ask that, actually. I've seen people asking for a +1 on Gplus, but it's not used nearly as often as other platforms. Liking on facebook is still more popular by a long shot.
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    Where did you learn HTML?

    Was it a friend, a website, your boss? I'm interested in seeing where this all kind of came from. I learned from codeacademy and tumblr layouts.
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    When did you start using HTML and Why?

    I just started not long ago. I was interested in making custom tumblr pages, and eventually decided to just learn online, and teach myself.
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    Taking apart an existing webpage

    The source code option on google chrome is quite nice because it opens in another page, and it makes it easy to flip back and forth between the code and the page, to see what's going on with each bit of code.
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    A question about learning HTML from the ground up

    A lot of time, small webpages that are created by people who use preexisting website "cookie cutters" are good at that. They tend to have simpler, similar HTML that is very good for learners.
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    Request for a tutorial

    jQuery looks like a good site. Thanks for the help, I didn't realize that Flash was dying. I thought it was just as widely used as ever before.
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    What would you not do for revenue?

    I refuse to use ads that could possibly trigger epilepsy. Anything that has a lot of flashing, I refuse to use, given that I have a friend with sensitive epilepsy that is easily triggered by those kinds of things. If there are more ads than space on a website, too, I won't use them.