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    Paying for professional website build

    Hi, I can do this for you, no problem. Send me a private message if you still need it. I will be glad to assist.
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    I second this. Bootstrap is an absolute godsend and lets you easily create easy-on-the-eye CSS. I've not written any core CSS since discovering it.
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    Hello developpers !

    Hi, I will certainly take a look. What is the issue you're having? Feel free to drop me a private message.
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    Explain what is HTML and its purpose to a newbie.

    HTML and CSS go hand-in-hand. Think of it like an actual body. HTML represents the Skeleton and CSS the skin. HTML is the core layout of a website and CSS is used to prettify it.
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    Background url() not working

    Yes, semi-colons are a common mistake. Did you try Effexion's fix yet, OP?
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    Hello from Budgetvm

    Right back at ya. Welcome to the forums, dude. Have fun and I look forward to seeing you around.
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    Hello developpers !

    Hi Jermygoldyn, Welcome to the fourms. I too have an invested interest in PHP but my projects have been on hiatus for a while now. What challenges do you have?
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    Suggestion: Raspberry Pi Section

    I have recently got my hands on a Raspberry Pi and after a little research, I realized the scope of the possibilities and thought it would be an interesting section. Thanks for reading.
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    Dropshipping without Ads

    Are adverts essential to dropshipping? I would normally favour SEO but my niche is too saturated for that.
  10. .CSS

    TechyNoobs _ want to grow, get connected with me.

    Yes, looks like a pretty good website. I'll also have a look over this tomorrow, when the kids have stopped climbing the curtains, fuelled by Christmas excitement and chocolate.
  11. .CSS

    Reviewed my Host

    I'll check this out, thanks. I normally use Namecheap hosting but I've had a few issues lately, so may just take the plunge and do it. 15 EUR a year beats what I am paying now -without the unlimited domains that these offer. Much love.
  12. .CSS

    How do I learn InDesign?

    I would start with YouTube tutorials and move onto text ones. Why not buy a book? They are great references for learning anything. Good luck in your journey. Also, just having a bash yourself, with no tutelage can be useful, and fun.
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    Blackhat SEO

    Yeah, I would avoid blackhat SEO at all costs, dude. Google are getting more clever with every day that passes. It really isn't worth the manual action that comes with it.
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    Amazon Associates

    I am thinking of using Amazon Associates in conjunction with my reviews website. I'm just looking for any advice and anything pertaining to the platform. Many thanks
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    What single SEO technique works best for you?

    I need to look into SEO a little more. At the minute I just write a load of SEO-friendly articles and point them at my websites.
  16. .CSS

    Favourite websites?

    I used to frequent Hackforums and built up around 18,000 posts there, in my time. The site has changed a little too much now and I don't feel it is what it once was. I don't really surf the net unless I am researching something for my work.
  17. .CSS

    13 Basic Elements for Effective On-Site Optimization

    Awesome! I was looking for something recent I could refer to. I am trying a few things with one of my websites and this is a good, solid reference. Thank you!