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  1. Shortie

    What makes you change your hosting provider?

    There are only two things that would make me want to change my hosting provider and they are the price increasing to an amount I can no longer afford and also the customer service not being very promising or me not getting the support I need from the customer service.
  2. Shortie

    When was the last time you travelled and what do you miss most about travelling?

    I can't say I have done much travelling in my adult life. I remember when I was a kid, I used to travel a lot with my family and as much as it was fun, I always preferred to be at home more than anything. Not sure if I would consider travelling again any time soon though but it is something I...
  3. Shortie

    Offline or online jobs?

    I have been working online now since around 2012/2013 both in terms of freelance work and also as a video game content creator. Due to health issues that I have, working offline in a job out of the house is something I am not able to do so being able to earn something online is a lot better...
  4. Shortie

    What kind of music do you listen to?

    I am a huge music lover and I listen to a lot of different kinds of music from KPOP to country music but the kind of music I am not a huge fan of is heavy metal and heavy rock. Both heavy metal and heavy rock are just too much for me and I feel as though it's a lot of noise and shouting over...
  5. Shortie

    How to use Canva?

    I found out about Canva myself just over a year ago when someone who I met in video game content creation and streaming told me about it as it would have been a way for me to create videos due to my PC not being able to run the software I was using anymore to edit videos. I have since used it...
  6. Shortie

    Air dry or towel dry?

    It really depends on the time of year and the weather. If it is pretty cold I prefer to dry myself with a towel but if it is warm say in the summer, I don't mind air drying instead as I feel that is a better option. When it comes to my hair, I prefer to towel dry my hair and then let it dry...
  7. Shortie

    Do you like chatting on Discord?

    I started using Discord in 2017 when I started creating video game content and also live streaming. When I first downloaded it and started using it, I found it confusing at first but the more I used it the more I go used to it. One tip I always had was if I was unsure of how to do something, I...
  8. Shortie

    Do you use Power Bank?

    I haven't needed to use a power bank in a while but I was always using them prior to the pandemic and COVID-19 when I used to go out for family days with my kids and my mum. We used to carry quite a few power banks around with us mainly because we would play Pokemon Go as we were walking around...
  9. Shortie

    What is your best music online website?

    I stream most of my music online now with Amazon Music, Spotify, and also YouTube Music being the ones I use the most to stream my favorite music. Spotify is my preferred app to stream music through though especially with their premium subscription. I love how I have been able to find songs...
  10. Shortie

    Do you like working online or offline?

    My favorite way to work now is online. Since the pandemic and also found out I have health issues such as fibromyalgia and I also suffer from acute migraines as well. Working online and from home is a better option for me. I find that any kind of stress or anxiety can increase the pain I go...
  11. Shortie

    Do you like to browse with laptop or smartphone?

    I spend the majority of my time browsing websites and forums and even social media on either my laptop or my desktop PC but when I am away from either of those, I do like to also browse using my smartphone as long as the website is mobile friendly and it is easy to use as well on my smartphone...
  12. Shortie

    Best time to sleep?

    I find that I am able to work better on things that I do online on a night when it is quieter and I have less chance of being disturbed, This means that I tend to stay up later at night and sleep during the day if I need to catch up, usually when my kids are in school or out at college or work...
  13. Shortie

    Do you like Air conditioning system or fan?

    Living in the UK we either have to use a fan or we need to use portable air conditioning units that we can buy from any electrical store for a cost. I would love for the UK to get air conditioning installed in all homes but it's not looking likely It would be very welcomed being that we seem to...
  14. Shortie

    Do you play PC or Console games?

    As much as I do have a PC that can play PC games it is getting quite old so it can not play the most recent PC games which is a shame. I much prefer to play console though as I know that I will be able to play even the latest games on my console without the worry of my PC being too old. I am a...
  15. Shortie

    What do you do to advertise your site?

    When it comes to advertising my forum or site I choose to use a few different methods. My first is using forum promotion sites, I feel that helps me connect with other forum owners and also allows me to use the tools they offer to help gain activity on my forums and to also advertise my sites...
  16. Shortie


    I personally am against any kind of spamming when it comes to advertising my sites. The reason for this is that as much as yes, you may get some people clicking your site to check it out, it will eventually give you a bad reputation if you tend to spam your link around a lot. Many people look...
  17. Shortie

    Promoting on TikTok

    I honestly haven't tried promoting a site on TikTok yet. I have used TikTok to promote my YouTube and my content creation and streaming but promoting a site on there is something I have yet to try. I have though seen people promoting sites on TikTok either by sharing the link in their...
  18. Shortie

    Offline or Online marketing?

    For myself, I have found that online marketing has been the best for me and my business and also my sites. With the ability to reach so many more eyes with online marketing, it makes sense to choose that option. I wouldn't ever say completely get rid of offline marketing as the two can work well...
  19. Shortie

    What's the cheapest hosting company you have used?

    GoDaddy was definitely the cheapest hosting company I used but their service definitely showed why their hosting was so cheap. Not only was the uptime of the hosting so up and down but the customer service support was also terrible and no help at all. Can definitely see why they charge so little...
  20. Shortie

    What's the worst hosting company you have used?

    I remember when I first started out building websites and forums. GoDaddy was the first company I went to for my hosting needs and it was an awful experience. The uptime of my hosting was terrible and whenever I had an issue with my hosting, contacting GoDaddy support was the absolute worst with...