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    Sites you wish you built

    is stupid but I liked to have created a social network, if we can call it so, called is basically a site nde people respond to questions, etc., the site has thousands of users!
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    Jobs aside from your website.

    I at this time due to the crisis that is happening in Portugal i'm unemployed, I'm trying to make some money online, but I hope soon to get a job.
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    Annoying Famous People

    A famous annoys me is justin bieber, I have nothing against him but create as big a myth around him, almost as if he were a king, I think people talk too much of it, and that's why many people hate ! always heard when more wiggle in the shit, it smells worse!
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    Science and Religion

    I'm not religious, and I think that science is the basis of everything, I think people have created the region to have something where you grab when bad things happen. I do not know, but it's just my idea.
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    What do you do to advertise your site?

    Yes, it's always good to post on facebook, on twitter, but also you can use the signatures of forums and etc if you do not want to spend money! ;)
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    Thank you for your support, I think I'm thinking of giving up the idea of the site, as the online market this very busy: (
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    Creating fake accounts to advertise

    Yes of course, likes to get up on my facebook pages, but the big problem is that it works very well, people do not "believe" in Profiles fake etc, I think the best way to create Profiles are putting fake photos of beautiful girls and almost naked, so it will be easy to get attention.
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    Does your site have a Facebook Page?

    Yes have a facebook page related to a website nowadays is super important, since people every day visit the facebook and can see your updates, etc..
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    button is not working and I did not know, it! The idea of the site would be advertising exchange, and tastes of social networks, but still could not buy a script and apparently lost all the users who might have "registered".
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    Forum signatures: a good way to advertise?

    I think not, I think people do not care much about it, I mean, if an image or so thoughtful and giving curious to the people, it's good!
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    Hello friends, what do you think of my page "We're Coming Very Soon" :)
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    Free or Paid host?

    Is that possible? :O The $ 7 per month? :O only? :O sorry for my reaction but I'm shocked!
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    Form Box - Photoshop Cs6

    I'll try to slice the image and search some templates and then I try to adapt, thanks
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    Center Div

    In both codes gives the error! : \ Let there ... I'll try to use <center>
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    Any good tutorials on learning Web Fundamentals?

    You can use the w3schools, but this site seems very inteserrante, I will test and then I give a review :)
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    Advertising in webmaster forums

    I think it was a good idea in "team", things become better, and so we could make this forum and others better!
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    Free or Paid host?

    Hello I wonder if you guys use free or paid host. I usually use free host for my websites always end up closing. xD
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    Adobe Illustrator

    I've used and liked a lot. The illustrator is great for this, and curiously I also used a portable version!
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    Where did you find HTML?

    I met html because I wanted to create a site for a group of counter strike when I was younger, I was trying to figure out after something, now I know some things, but I'm not a professional.
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    Form Box - Photoshop Cs6

    I thought there was some tool that helps up, thanks anyway