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  1. bellaciao

    How long do you stay awake at night

    I think life is still more beautiful when you find time to have some form of entertainment so that you are not just mostly work or studies, including but not limited to games and movies. You just have to find the right time to do these other activities and your sleeping time shouldn't be the one...
  2. bellaciao

    How long do you stay awake at night

    Definitely, it was affecting my performance in school and work and I also gained a lot of weight during this stretch, and it took me a while to fix all my bad habits.
  3. bellaciao

    Time Management Techniques.

    True, it's easier when you list your to-do tasks and schedule accordingly depending on the amount of time you have, that way you are sort of working in your own deadline so you are more motivated to finish what you have scheduled, rather than just thinking of the things you need to do on the spot.
  4. bellaciao

    What do you think is the biggest mistake you've done in your life and what did you do to make it right?

    There was a girl I really like and it turns out that she liked me a lot as well and something could've happened between us, but I was too naive back then and too passive that I let her go and we haven't seen each other since.
  5. bellaciao

    How long do you stay awake at night

    Definitely, I feel so much better now that I'm getting enough sleep and I actually enjoy what I'm doing or watching now that don't do them all at night.
  6. bellaciao

    Play mobile games or play outdoor games

    I think there are still a lot of children who play outdoor games, but some really prefer just staying at home to play with their devices. Personally, I think it's still better for kids t play outdoor sports, but it's not bad for them to play video games every once in a while.
  7. bellaciao

    Do you think some technology can beat computers?

    I guess if someone can invent a type of computer that can be accessed from anywhere, without the need to have any device, like you just flip a switch and a hologram computer will appear in front of you, then it has the functionalities of a computer but is not bulky to carry.
  8. bellaciao

    What is your best music online website?

    I no longer visit music websites with the advent of Spotify, but I still go to Youtube to watch the newly-released music videos.
  9. bellaciao

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Right now, I'm playing some rap music by local artists, just bopping my head while it's raining outside.
  10. bellaciao

    How long do you stay awake at night

    I used to stay up until 4 or 5 am just playing video games or watching movies/series, but now I try to sleep before midnight so I'm more energized for the next day.
  11. bellaciao

    Favorite fast food chain

    In-N-Out is my favorite - their burgers are just so good compared to anything else out there and it's just a perfect place to spend on a fast food chain.
  12. bellaciao

    Do you play PC or Console games?

    I grew up playing PC games, and my first game ever was Starcraft, so it really affected the games I want to play, mainly RTS games, and the types of games where you have to micromanage your resources and play the map to win vs your opponent, something which isn't really available or optimized in...
  13. bellaciao

    Staying awake all night with movies

    I have a limit too, but it depends on the type of movie I'm gonna watch. If I need to think during the movie because of the plot, then I can only watch 1 a night since if that movie is good, then it's the only thing I'll be able to think of during the next movie. if I'm just watching something...
  14. bellaciao

    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    I hate the feeling of other people waiting for me, so I prefer to be the one early or on time and do the waiting since I feel better rather than being the one having to explain why I was late.
  15. bellaciao

    One food for life

    Yeah, I once read before that pizza is the "healthiest junk food" lol. Not sure if it really is, but it sure as hell is the best-tasting one! Even bad pizza is edible.
  16. bellaciao

    Photoshop learning resources?

    Adobe has free tutorials for Photoshop so make use of those, and Youtube has a lot of available videos which you can easily follow depending on the version you're using and the feature you wanna learn. For sites, I think is one of the best out there with a lot of free...
  17. bellaciao

    Staying awake all night with movies

    Yeah, one day til it's released in our country! Been seeing a lot of great stuff from early viewers.
  18. bellaciao

    How can I live a healthy lifestyle?

    Keep on exercising and gradually increasing your intensity after every few weeks. Try decreasing your food intake, you can reduce your servings per meal or reduce the number of times you eat, only maintaining breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not eating any more snacks. Giving up junk food and...
  19. bellaciao

    Images or videos in advertising content

    Definitely video. It takes time and more resources, and requires you to have a good sense of direction and content for your video advertisement. It's not for everyone, but a good video ad is better than a good picture ad most of the time.
  20. bellaciao

    Staying awake all night with movies

    Loved Black Panther. Great story for a great superhero and a great villain opposite Black Panther. Can't wait for Infinity War!