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    Clickbank Review anyone?

    I have a feeling that clickbank shaves its affiliates off commissions. They have a ridiculous return rate simply because half the products on there are complete trash, and thier payout terms are terrible. Is it NET 30? So my question is...what is your experience with clickbank? Did you have a...
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    Why learn Jquery

    Jquery is a library and javascript is the coding language. Basically Jquery makes it easier for you to do certain functions. INstead of writing 20 lines of javascript code to show/hide a div, you could use jquery and use one line instead. I'll advise you to learn jquery after you learn...
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    CSS/Design books?

    I suck at designing webpages and I typically veer away from doing any front end work. I'm looking to switch from only doing backend development to the front end/design and was wondering which books/tutorials/websites you guys recommend I use to improve my CSS skills. I know basic CSS, but I...
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    4 years+ HTML experience

    I think this is the first time I ever signed up to an HTML forum, so this is new for me :D ANYWAYS...I've been coding HTML for the past 4 years and I've pretty much reached a point where I could probably do it while I'm asleep. Just introducing myself to the forum, and wanted to offer help to...