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  1. jsantos015

    Do you think some technology can beat computers?

    I think AI could possibly beat the computers when it comes to technology.
  2. jsantos015

    Staying awake all night with movies

    When I was younger, I used to do this. But now it is impossible for me to do this. The next day would be painful.
  3. jsantos015

    Greatest sports personality

    I think Manny Paquiaois the greatest sports personality, He keeps his feet on the ground, and he gives to charity.
  4. jsantos015

    Time Management Techniques.

    For me this is struggle especially now that I work from home. It's just tempting to take a break from work when no one is watching l.
  5. jsantos015


    I don't visit IG a lot. I jist don't have the time to take decent photos.
  6. jsantos015

    One food for life

    I could live with just eating pizzas! It is my comfort food and I just munch like no ones watching. :LOL:
  7. jsantos015

    Jobs aside from your website.

    I do not have a website. But I work online as a transcriptionist.
  8. jsantos015

    What makes you feel motivated to work?

    My motivation to doing my best in work is my family. I just want to give them the life they deserve. But they might have to wait for my efforts to come up with a good result.
  9. jsantos015

    What's your Favorite Movie?

    I love White Chicks! I could watch it over and over again and still laugh out as if it is my first time watching the film :LOL:
  10. jsantos015

    What music are you listening to right now?

    None! I am trying to sleep but I can't. :cautious:
  11. jsantos015

    Favorite fast food chain

    For me it has to be Greenwich because I love PIZZA! My favorite pizza restaurant is Yellowcab but it's not a fast food chain so I would go with Greenwich.
  12. jsantos015

    How Fast Do You Type?

    I haven't used any site to check my accurate typing speed. But in my estimate it would be around 50 to 60 word per minute.
  13. jsantos015

    Do you play PC or Console games?

    I love playing console games. It's just so easy to relax and lay in bed while you are playing a game in a console.
  14. jsantos015

    Looking to learn javascript? Have a look!

    Thank you so much for these! You are an angel in disguise. :geek:
  15. jsantos015

    Are you always late? or are you always on time?

    I am always late! I think I got it from my mother who is also always late at everything she goes to. But I think those who are always late are most likely to be successful in life and in career.
  16. jsantos015

    Favourite websites?

    My favorite website is Youtube. If you want to learn and improve new skills, learn reviews of just anything you want to know, you could just browse anything that you want to learn from Youtube.
  17. jsantos015

    What is your favorite food when it comes to fast food chains?

    I always crave for burger, but most of the burgers available at fast food chains near us are not that good. I prefer burgers from Burger King and the other burgers you may find at casual dining restaurants.
  18. jsantos015

    Payment options?

    Paypal is my favorite. It's easy to pay and receive money through Paypal. It is also available in a lot of countries. Paypal is also a very reliable payment ontion.
  19. jsantos015

    Offline or online jobs?

    I prefer both, because online jobs are at flexible schedule. That's what I love about online jobs. You could just have them both without sacrificing anything.
  20. jsantos015

    Firefox or Chrome?

    For me, Google Chrome is better. It is what I use for most of my research and other online job that I participate in. Chrome is user friendly and it is not confusing compared to Firefox. It's not because I got used to using Chrome, it's just that it is much easier to use Chrome.