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  1. bienn05

    Major League Baseball Greatest Player of All Time

    Who do you think is the GOAT of MLB? There are a lot of great players in the game. Do you think Barry Bonds is the greatest player? He holds the most homerun in the MLB. I think having this accomplishment can make him the GOAT of MLB. What do you think?
  2. bienn05

    Do you think some technology can beat computers?

    I am just wondering what kind of invention can beat computers. I don't know if people can create something that can be better than computers that we are using today. I don't see any technology that can be very useful to people like computers. What do you think?
  3. bienn05

    Dream Car

    What is your dream car? I want to have a Chevrolet Camaro someday. I am starting to earn now for this car. I really want to have it since I saw it in the movie Transformers. How about you? What is your dream car?
  4. bienn05

    Favorite fast food chain

    I am a Filipino so I would say Jollibee. I love their chickenjoy and spaghetti. I really can eat that all month. The chicken is very juicy and tasty. Spaghetti is so cheesy and a bit sweet and I know that other people, especially people not from the Philippines will not like this spaghetti, but...
  5. bienn05

    Play mobile games or play outdoor games

    In this generation, I can tell that kids are just in their houses playing video games in their computers or mobile phones. They are not the same as children before who likes to play outside like hide and seek, basketball, and other outdoor games. Do you think technology do this to us? What do...
  6. bienn05

    NBA's Greatest Player of All time

    Nowadays, they are saying that LeBron James is doing a great job in his career going in the conversation of the GOAT. I think he is overrated because of his physical gifts. He may be dominant in his career but that is because of his size and athleticism. He just bullies opponents unlike Michael...
  7. bienn05

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, Newbie here, I am looking forward to read your opinions and share my opinion as well. Cheers!